Best Wireless Car Charger 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Wireless Car ChargersYou need your phone to be working all the time and when you are not at home to charge it, the devices like power banks and car chargers become important. So during the time outside your home, your car is the best place to charge your phone when you are driving and for that, you are going to need to go through some of the Best Wireless Car Charger to find the suitable one.

In this article, we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Best Wireless Car Charger 2021. As usual, we have ranked the products from top to bottom based on their price, quality, and performance. We have tried our best to bring the products from the recognized brands which people trust so that they can order the product without any hesitation after reading the review.

Some of the top factors for ranking these products are portability, design of the wireless car charger, design and compatibility of the mobile holder if it has one, speed of charging a device, and the overall quality of the device. We have discussed all of these in the 10 best wireless car chargers in 2021 reviews so we shall begin.

Best Wireless Car Charger

Best Wireless Car Charger 2021 Reviews & Comparison:

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1. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge Review: Best Qi Wireless Car Charger

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge ReviewiOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charge is our first pick for the list for its fast wireless charging, easy to use one-touch button setup and the telescopic arm for holding the phone. The size of the holder is adjustable and can easily hold phones with a width of 2.5 to 3.5 inches. Also, with the strong suction technology, it firmly holds the phone so that it may never fall down while it is charging in the car.

There are two ports given that you can use two power cable to charge a couple of phones at a time. However, the second phone should be adjusted at some other place in your car. Also, if you have phones such as Galaxy S9, S10, and Note 8, you can use its wireless charging feature since this feature is compatible with these phones. Depending on the space in your car, you can adjust it to different levels.

  • It does fast wireless charging
  • Two phones can be charged at a time
  • You can set this at different angles
  • The built quality is quite amazing
  • A higher price demand
  • The slow USB-A charging

2. Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount Review: Best Wireless Car Charger Mount

Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount ReviewThe 2nd pick for the list is Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount which is a much cheaper and better option when it comes to the compatibility with various phones. Also, there are some added options including the 360 rotation so that you can adjust your phone to any angle which you found convenient. Mounting your phone on the stand will be a lot easier than before and also the fast charging is going to save your time pretty much.

What you will like is the built quality of this Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount since it cannot be scratched easily and the anti-slip rubber will always protect your phone. We have checked it for the compatibility and it works with all of those which have wireless charging feature enabled. You can use these with your Nokia, Samsung, and Apple smartphones. The magnetic separator doesn’t allow your phone’s body to be scratched as well.

  • Its one-hand operation is convenient
  • You will love the QI wireless charging
  • The 360-degree rotation is pretty amazing
  • You can also charge two phones at a time
  • The installation is very easy
  • The overall durability isn’t reliable
  • The material should have been stronger

3. Andobil Wireless Car Charger Mount Review: Best Fast Wireless Car Charger

Andobil Wireless Car Charger Mount ReviewIf you cannot compromise on the quality and the same one as the first product, this 3rd pick for the list Andobil Wireless Car Charger Mount could be an awesome alternative. It has the same compatibility features for Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, and Note 8 and also works fine with other phones with the smart wireless charging system. To increase the adjustment options for you, it has got a creative design which allows you to adjust it at different angles as you find convenient.

There are some other pretty impressive features including the auto-clamping ability and the LED light indicator to track the charging level of your phone. Also, your phone will be safe since this mount is extremely stable and doesn’t give shocks to your phone at all. The bottom foot of this wireless car charger can also be adjusted according to your needs and has a one-tap button system to release the phone from the mount.

  • This 50% faster than other chargers
  • The one-tap release is quite convenient
  • It has an auto-clamping system
  • The suction cup is easy to clean and reusable
  • This can be used anywhere in the car
  • Again, a higher price demand
  • We couldn’t find others at all

4. Aukiss Wireless Charger Car Mount Review: Best Wireless Car Charger Air Vent

Aukiss Wireless Charger Car Mount ReviewWe have chosen this Aukiss Wireless Charger Car Mount for our 4th pick and to be honest, we are impressed by everything it has. When the users are buying these mounts, they are looking for ease of use, multi-protection abilities of the phone, compatibility with the phones, and the one-hand operation while driving a car. Well, all of these features have been beautifully incorporated and is available in a price which most of you can afford.

If you have got a high-end phone such as Galaxy S9 or Note 8/9, you can use its fast wireless charging system since it is compatible with those. It is also compatible with the iPhones and yes, all of these features are affordable by anyone. People have used this with the high-end phones and they were all praising the versatility of this mount including its firm grip.

  • You will love how well it grips
  • Works better in the landscape mode
  • The wireless charging is fast
  • The adjustment options are a lot
  • It has an affordable price
  • Heats up fast during wireless charging
  • Not good for iPhone XS Max

5. VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount Review: Best Rated Wireless Car Charger

VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount ReviewThese some of the best wireless car chargers under 50 come up with plenty of options that we rarely want to deny what they offer. As far as our 5th pick VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount is concerned, it is another fast wireless charger which comes with an air vent mount and is compatible with all phones which have QI compatibility. The grip of its mount is quite firm so you don’t need to worry about your phone falling down ever

Besides the wireless charging, it also provides some fast charging with the USB-A cable. The automatic one-hand operation is one of the reasons why many of you would want to consider buying it. It is one of the most stable car mounts which can be adjusted at any angle with its 360 rotation. Also, the three installation options including the windshield, vent, and dashboard will make things even easier for you.

  • A very fast wireless charger
  • You will like its one-hand operation
  • It stays very stable in the mount
  • 3 different installation options are given
  • It has said to be 40% better
  • You might not like the price
  • Doesn’t work well in the cold weather

6. ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Review: Best Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger ReviewWe certainly aren’t running out of options for this list. If you had been looking for a product between 30 to 50 dollars, you can get this ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger which is our 6th pick for the list. What we like about this one is the smart sensor which opens the clamps itself when you take your phone near it for mounting. It has the Qi wireless charging system and also the 2 in 1 phone mounting system for different phones.

You can adjust it at different angles so you can track the GPS with ease. Also, when you are video-calling, it can be adjusted right in front of your face without meddling with the driving experience. As far as the compatibility of this wireless charger is concerned, it works with a lot of them including all Samsung Galaxy Phones, iPhones, and smartphones from other brands.

  • You can use its multiple installation features
  • It has a 360-degree rotation system
  • The automatic opening clamp with the smart sensor
  • You will love its fast charging feature
  • A better air ventilation system
  • The thick design doesn’t suffice for all
  • The windshield mount isn’t up to the mark

7. NEQUIO X Fast Wireless Charger Review: Car Qi Fast Charger

NEQUIO X Fast Wireless Charger ReviewNEQUIO X Fast Wireless Charger is our 7th pick for the list and here is the finest alternative to the above product. All the features you required including the one-hand operation, large area induction, and fast wireless charging are now being provided at a time most of you can afford.

The special feature is the automatic expansion which works depends on the size of the phone and the IR sensor works automatically when it senses a phone near it. It is fast and compatible with most of the smartphones you can find in the market including Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

  • It has an attractive design
  • The user-friendly interface
  • The overall built quality is amazing
  • It provides 100% durability warranty
  • The air vent system is impressive
  • No cons, it is one of the best ones

8. WILEES Automatic Qi Wireless Car Charger Review: Best Automatic Wireless Car Charger

WILEES Automatic Qi Wireless Car Charger ReviewWILEES Automatic Qi Wireless Car Charger might be one of your favorites but it is currently unavailable since its demand ran it out of stock. However, we can still discuss its premier features including the fast Qi wireless charging system with easy one-hand operation and the latest sensors for giving your phone a firm grip.

We want to talk about its infrared sensor which senses the phone near it and holds it tight unless you remove it. While holding firmly, it would never scratch your phone since its interior is padded for that. Also, the soft silicone gel is used in the making for the protection of the air vents.

  • The compatibility with phones is wide
  • A very responsive infrared sensor
  • The fast Qi wireless charging system
  • The interior is padded for resisting scratching
  • An expensive mount to own
  • Some durability concerns

9. Cshidworld Wireless Car Charger Mount Review: Best Wireless Cell Phone Car Charger

Cshidworld Wireless Car Charger Mount ReviewOur 9th pick for the list is Cshidworld Wireless Car Charger Mount which will also be in-stock soon. Instead of infrared or others, this one uses a gravity sensor which captures the phone depending on its weight and has proven to be very effective. The viewing angle can be adjusted at any time and the grip tights depending on the requirement which is an automatic thing.

On the other hand, you are also going to like its fast charging abilities. They have paid some special importance the design and now, you wouldn’t need to remove the cover of your phone since this car mount adjusts to it automatically.

  • A nice custom design
  • Great grip even with the phone cover
  • A sturdy phone holder
  • The touch-sensitive fast operation
  • It doesn’t affect the battery’s health
  • This is currently unavailable
  • Mounting this is quite complex

10. Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount Review: Best Wireless Charger for Your Car

Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount ReviewOur last pick for the list is this Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount which works for all phones which have Qi wireless charging enabled. Even if your phone doesn’t own Qi, you can use the USB-A cable to charge your phone, however, the best performance can only be achieved with the Qi fast wireless charging.

The other features of this wireless car charger are the silicone non-slip mat, one-handed operation, and the stable absorption which is going to protect your phone from shocks in the car. As far as the sensors are concerned, it has an infrared induction and the automatic locking system which is quite effective.

  • The save driving view optimization enabled
  • The infrared induction and fast sensors
  • The automatic and effective clamping
  • The effective one-hand operation
  • You also get a dashboard sticker
  • The air vent system is poor
  • Get extremely hot



The products which are out of stock will soon be back so you can stay tuned for them. On the other hand, there are plenty of options in this list of 10 best wireless car chargers 2021 which you can choose after reading the reviews. Our personal favourite is the Squish Wireless Charger which we recommend, however, your choices may vary depending on your needs.

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