Best Portable Blenders 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

A blender is an extremely popular kitchen appliance used for preparing beverages. A blender is a machine that breaks up foods into smaller particles, blending them to create a smooth, consistent drink. To combine foods, a blender uses a motor to move a mixing chamber back and forth. This creates a strong vortex that forces the food inside the container into a mushy mass. This purpose is to break the foods down into a homogenous consistency.

To use a blender effectively, you must be careful about the ingredients you choose and the amount of liquid you use. Blenders come with various blades and cups, but you must always be cautious about how you use them. Some blades are designed for certain foods, so you should be careful when choosing the right one for your needs. You can use a blender to make smoothies, frozen drinks, soups, milkshakes, sauces, and more.

For this guide, we will review today’s best portable blenders. These are not just your typical kitchen appliances; they’re powerful, capable of performing multiple tasks, and compact and portable. With these, you can prepare everything from smoothies to ice cream, hot chocolate to milkshakes, and more. Some of these blenders can make more than one type of drink at once, and some can make more than just one drink. That’s why they’re perfect for any occasion, no matter what the event is.

Best Portable Blender

Our Recommendation for Best Portable Blenders in 2023

In this post, we provide you with a list of the best portable blenders available in the market right now. We have carefully selected the top five best portable blenders that are powerful and easy to use.

Hamilton Beach 51101AV Review

The Hamilton Beach personal blender is a compact blender that can blend smoothies, ice, frozen fruit and even leafy greens. It’s a great travel blender for those who want more power than the average kitchen blender.

The Hamilton Beach personal blender is a solid performer. It is capable of making a variety of drinks with no problems. However, it is lacking in the power department. The Hamilton Beach blender takes 2 minutes to reach its highest setting. You can also choose between 5 different speed levels. The only problem is that most recipes’ speed settings don’t work well. This is because they are too slow to blend the ingredients.

This personal blender doesn’t have a lid, so you will need to use a glass container to pour the contents into. It is a little bit larger than most blenders, so it is cumbersome and takes up a fair amount of space.

I found the blades on the Hamilton Beach blender to be pretty sharp. They also cut the ice into small pieces rather than pulverizing it into a powder. If you need to chop the ice with this blender, it is best to do it before blending. Also, the blade can get stuck on the lid while mixing, so it is best to let the blender run for a few seconds to release the edge.

The Hamilton Beach blender is a nice compact for travelling, but it isn’t the most powerful. Hamilton Beach isn’t going to cut it if you need the power of a professional blender to blend large quantities of ingredients. However, it is a very good blender for mixing smaller ingredients.

  • Available for a great price.
  • One of the most durable portable blenders ever.
  • Also, very lightweight design to own for a blender.
  • Cleaning its container is quite hard though.
  • Reaching the bottom while cleaning is even harder.

Final Verdict

The Hamilton Beach personal blender is a great option for a portable, compact blender. It can be used for smoothies, frozen fruit, and leafy greens. The blades are sharp and easy to use. The only downside is that the speeds are too low for most recipes.

Ninja QB900B Food Processor Review

Ninja Blender is an electric blender. This is what it means by saying “electric blender”. This means that it is powered by electricity and is a good option for a compact portable blender. It is available for purchase online and at retail stores, and this is a good thing. It is a good option for someone who likes to buy something they can use anywhere, and this product is a perfect example of such an appliance.

One of the best features of Ninja Blender is its portability. The dimensions are 13.9 x 13.6 x 16.5 inches, and they weigh less than ten pounds. It is compact, portable, and easy to use. The lid opens to the front, making it easy to see what is inside. It comes with a handle for easy portability and can carry anywhere.

Performance-wise, it is pretty good. It is not the best blender, but it is still a good option for a budget-conscious person. Using this blender, you can make a smoothie, a margarita, or a pitcher of ice cream. It will be able to chop and cut fruits and veggies, and it can also grind ice and nuts.

I love the look of this blender, and I also like the fact that it has a small footprint. It is good for the kitchen countertop and easy to clean. It is made from high-quality materials, and it is easy to assemble. It comes with a six-month warranty. It is a good and affordable option for a compact portable blender.

  • The best portable blender for making frozen drinks.
  • Not just a blender but also a food processor.
  • A little heavy but it is perfectly durable.
  • Being heavy reduces the portability factor.
  • The 400-watt motor is quite weak though.

Final Verdict

In summary, Ninja Blender is a good option for a compact and portable blender that is easy to use and good for people who want to make beverages on the go. It is not the best blender, but it is a good option for a budget-conscious person.

Ninja QB1004 Best Mini Blender Review

The Ninja QB1004 Blender is a powerful and versatile blender and food processor in a compact size. The blender with its powerful 450-watt motor gives you the power to make smoothies and purees. The blender’s wide-opening lid and sturdy blades make it easy to mix foods. The built-in chopper bowl is great for chopping and slicing fruits, vegetables and more. It’s great for making healthy drinks and creating flavorful sauces and dips. It is the best mini blender because it is powerful, versatile, compact, affordable and great.

With a stainless steel blade and a strong, sturdy design, Ninja QB1004 Blender is the Best Mini Blender because of its power and ability to handle heavy-duty jobs like food preparation. It’s also great for making smoothies and purées. There are two speeds: high and low, and three pulse settings. You also get an extra chopper bowl that can hold about 16 ounces. It’s easy to blend food in Ninja QB1004 Blender. It includes a splatter guard. It also has a 40 oz. Chopper bowl and a 48 oz. Pitcher with lid. All of these accessories are included. Ninja QB1004 Blender comes with a powerful 450-watt motor and is compatible with all Ninja blenders.

I like the way Ninja QB1004 Blender handles food preparation. It’s easy to clean. It’s also easy to remove and replace parts. Its chopper bowl works great for chopping and slicing foods, and I love the splatter guard included. The chopper bowl also comes with a lid.

I was skeptical that this mini blender would blend food well, but it does. I also liked the wide-opening lid. This blender is perfect for use at home or on the road.

The pitcher is easy to fill and also comes with a lid. It’s also easy to remove and replace parts. It includes a storage lid for the pitcher. The pitcher is dishwasher-safe.

The lid on the chopper bowl is a little hard to remove. If you remove it, you’ll lose the top on the chopper bowl and can’t put it back on unless you have the lid. But if you lose the cover, you can put it back on after you chop the bowl. The cap on the chopper bowl is very easy to remove and doesn’t cause the chopper bowl to fall over.

  • A better variant of its predecessor to buy.
  • This is a complete set with different bowls.
  • The storage lids and anti-splash lids are given.
  • The product is a bit more pricey than others.
  • Too much stuff to clean after using.

Final Verdict

In summary, Ninja QB1004 Blender is a great blender and food processor. It’s great for making healthy drinks and creating flavorful sauces and dips. I like the wide-opening lid and the chopper bowl with a lid. The cover on the chopper bowl is easy to remove and replace.

Ninja QB1004 Blender is one of the best mini blenders. It can be used for heavy-duty jobs and provides great power and versatility. It’s also easy to use and can blend food well. It has a powerful motor and a splatter guard. I also like that its chopper bowl is dishwasher safe. I also like that it includes a pitcher with a lid.

BELLA (13330) Personal Size Rocket Blender Review

The Rocket Extract PRO blender is the best compact blender on the market today. It is easy to use, and you can do many things with it. It is a blender and a great kitchen tool for many different applications.

It’s powerful enough to blend even a lot of ingredients at once. It’s safe to use and won’t burn anything in your kitchen. It’s easy to clean, thanks to a patented washing system. And it has the perfect size for small kitchens. It’s compact, and you don’t need much space to put it in. It’s also dishwasher safe.

This particular model comes with four tumblers. You can use them to blend a lot of ingredients at once. This is not only a blender but a complete kitchen toolkit. You can make many things with it, such as soups, smoothies, sauces, and much more. The tumblers can be used to prepare delicious recipes. They can also be used for storing ingredients.

This model has a removable stainless steel blade, allowing you to grind nuts, spices, or coffee beans. It’s great for making homemade nut butter. It’s also ideal for making guacamole, milkshakes, and other yummy snacks.

You can use this blender for cooking, too. It is suitable for making delicious, healthy meals for your family. You can also use it to make margaritas and more. It’s a great kitchen appliance for parties and get-togethers. It’s also a nice gift.

The Rocket Extract PRO is one of the best compact blenders today. It’s easy to clean, and it’s safe to use. It’s also very easy to store and transport.

  • Brings amazing value for its price.
  • A blender for multitasking in the kitchen.
  • A durable and quality design to own.
  • We don’t agree with the motor being powerful enough.
  • Also, the jar size is quite smaller.

Final Verdict

After using the BELLA Rocket Extract Pro, I was amazed at its performance and quality. The blades are strong and durable, the tumbler is easy to use and clean, and the product is easy to maintain and operate. I have been using this product for a few months now and have found it to be an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

This 12-piece blending set can be used for home and business. The large blender with a 285 watts power base, the grinding blades, and the five tumblers for a smoothie are all very impressive. It is an easy way to prepare a wide range of recipes and is very versatile. The fact that the five tumblers are attached to the blades makes it easier for the user to clean them up.

Magic Bullet Blender Review

The Magic Bullet Blender is a compact blender that does a pretty good job of mixing smoothies. However, it is not meant for integrating any ingredients that require vigorous blending. Its motor base is 250 watts, but it is not powerful enough to handle anything other than smoothies. The included recipe book is a nice bonus, and it includes plenty of smoothie recipes to get you started.

The Magic Bullet Blender is a good option for those who love smoothies and want something smaller than a blender and more portable than a food processor. The recipe book and instruction manual are a nice bonus, and several recipes are included to get you started. It’s also easy to clean and store. The Magic Bullet Blender is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a good blender for smoothies. It is a lot cheaper than other options that can be used for various applications, so it is worth considering if you need a versatile blender.

The Magic Bullet Blender is a compact blender that can handle many tasks. You can easily blend frozen fruits and vegetables, and you can also make protein shakes and milkshakes. The best thing about this blender is that it includes a recipe book that allows you to cook, bake, and make smoothies without leaving the kitchen. It also comes with a base and a lid. The floor is where the blade is located, and the top is where you put the food. You can add water and ice to the base and even control the speed. You can also find a to-go lid for easier handling. The price of the Magic Bullet Blender is a little high, but it’s still worth every penny.

  • One of the most unique designs for a portable blender.
  • The customization of recipes with this is better.
  • One of the best blenders for blending soft veggies and fruits.
  • One of the less powerful blenders on the list.
  • More parts and more mess so less portability.

Final Verdict

This Magic Bullet Blender is a compact blender with a powerful motor base, which allows it to blend and create smoothies quickly. You can easily integrate your favorite fruits and vegetables and make protein shakes and milkshakes. The Magic Bullet Blender is an excellent choice if you want a compact blender that does many things.

Overall, the Magic Bullet Blender is a great blender for making smoothies and is compact and easy to use. Plenty of recipes are included, and you get a recipe book, instruction manual, and everything you need to get started. 

Keyton (K-1Blender) Review

The Keyton K-1BLENDER is designed to meet the needs of busy individuals who need a small, compact, easy-to-use blender. It comes with a removable sports lid and is dishwasher safe, ensuring easy cleaning. You can use the built-in handle for easy transportation and control. The sports lid makes it easy to take on the go. The ergonomic design allows for comfortable and secure blending.

The Keyton K-1BLENDER is a portable blender that does not come with a container. You can easily make shakes, smoothies, and juices in the container it comes with. The sports lid makes it easy to carry around the house, the car or school. With a compact size and the included sports lid, this blender is a good alternative for people who travel often. It will blend everything from fruits and vegetables to ice, frozen treats, and more.

You get one year warranty and lifetime technical support, so you’ll be covered in case of any problem. Also, it’s BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about using it for baking or cooking. It also has a one-touch operation feature and a 300 watts motor, which is powerful enough to do a decent job. The key to the success of this blender is the blade design. It is a flat blade which means you don’t have to remove the container to replace the blades. It is a convenient feature, especially if you want to make shakes or smoothies without having to open the container every time.

  • Detaching and attaching the jar is quite easy.
  • The lid is absolutely leak-proof.
  • A very compact and lightweight blender.
  • Sound quite loud during the operation.
  • The lid might get stuck after blending frozen fruits.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Keyton K-1BLENDER Personal Blender is a great choice for busy individuals who are always moving. It is a handy tool that can be used for many purposes, including making shakes, smoothies, and juices. The sports lid makes it easy to take anywhere. The built-in handle is ergonomically designed, and the cover is removable, making it easy to transport. The one-touch operation is a great feature, especially if you’re unfamiliar with blenders. The compact size and the sports lid make it a good alternative for those who travel frequently.

Ninja BL456 Review

The Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender is a super compact personal blender that provides you with 900W of professional power. This allows you to break down fruits and veggies for nutritious juices and smoothies. It comes with a 4-cup blending chamber, enabling you to blend ice, seeds, skins, stems and frozen ingredients for a smooth, even consistency. The Nutri Ninja Pro also features a large spout lid that can be twisted on for easy sipping and a manual pulse function to crush ice easily, seeds, skins, stems and frozen ingredients for a smooth, even consistency.

The Nutri Ninja Pro Compact Personal Blender can extract hidden nutrition from fruits and veggies. You can easily make fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The Nutri Ninja Pro Compact Personal Blender is also perfect for people who like to drink juice on the go. It features a removable filter to filter out the pulp and a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, corded motor.

The Nutri Ninja Pro is a great blender, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cordless blender. Its versatility makes it suitable for everyone in the kitchen. You can prepare a healthy juice, smoothie, or hot soup with the Nutri Ninja Pro. With 900 Watts of power, you can create delicious meals that will keep you satisfied.

One of the things that stood out for me about this blender is its durability. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s not prone to corrosion. A built-in drip tray also keeps your countertop free from messes. The Nutri Ninja Pro is a versatile tool for everyday cooking. With its many features and cordless convenience, you’ll definitely be satisfied. The Nutri Ninja Pro is rated as having a four-year warranty.

  • The only blender which can even cut ice.
  • You use it for various functions and is still under $100.
  • Get your smoothies and blends without making any effort.
  • Not one of the most durable machines we know.
  • A little bit overpriced for its features.

Final Verdict

The Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender is a good blender that can be used for many different purposes. It is suitable for the office and home and for preparing healthy drinks and smoothies. The Nutri Ninja Pro also features a removable pulp filter that keeps your countertop clean. This blender can be used in the office, at the gym, and even for making homemade sauces, salad dressings, and ketchup.

Overall, the Nutri Ninja Pro Compact Personal Blender is a versatile personal blender. It is designed with many features, including extracting hidden nutrition from fruits and veggies. With 900W of power, it can make you some tasty and healthy juice.

XMX Blender Review

This portable blender is quite a fun item to own. It’s made of ABS material and thin enough to fit in a handbag. You could even put it in a backpack if you don’t like carrying it around. The blender feels light but durable and sturdy when you use the blender. It comes with a built-in 2-port USB charger, and the power indicator makes it easy to tell whether or not the blender is fully charged.

The 3D blade design is also a plus. It allows the blade to be inserted into any fruit. The blender has been designed to be compact and safe. It is very easy to clean because all the parts are detachable. It is not as loud as many blenders and won’t create too much mess.

The blender is equipped with an intelligent shut-off system. It stops the blades from turning when the container is removed from the base. It automatically shuts off if you accidentally drop the juice or the power goes out.

With a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, you’ll be able to make juice and smoothies for an average of 1 hour. This is a great feature to remember when you need to take a long juice or smoothie.

However, the blender does not have a timer function. I find this annoying because knowing when the juice is ready is not convenient. It also lacks a water-proof mechanism, so you must be careful with the juice container.

In conclusion, I greatly like this blender because of its portability and design. It has some drawbacks, but they aren’t too serious. I recommend this to people who want to make juice and drinks on the go.

  • The battery charges faster and lasts for longer.
  • You can make any blend in a small time.
  • It is 100% safe to use and very well-priced.
  • The storage capacity isn’t much though.

Final Verdict

The portable blender can be used for many different uses. The 2-port USB charger is a great feature because you can charge multiple devices at the same time. The 2000 mAh battery can provide juice and smoothies for an hour and automatically turns itself off after 1 hour. The blades are very strong, but it is not suitable for slicing vegetables. It is very safe because of its safety switch. Overall, this blender is pretty nice and a great choice for people who like to travel a lot.

COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

COSORI Blender is a convenient blender that can blend everything from smoothies to shakes. The COSORI Blender can crush ice, make ice cubes, and puree foods. This blender is also equipped with a powerful motor and high-quality stainless steel blades that are ideal for mixing and blending.

The COSORI Blender can run for a long time due to the powerful 800W motor placed in the base of the machine. You can also rest assured that this machine will not overheat. The COSORI Blender also comes with a hard case which is perfect for storage. The company’s recipe book is also included with the machine.

COSORI Blender is very easy to use as it has a 3-button system that includes a start, stop, and pulse button. The Pulse button is ideal for high-speed blending. You can choose between three blenders for your needs: Ice Breaker, Fruit and Nut Crusher, and the Ice Crusher.

You can also use the COSORI Blender to make healthy shakes. The blender also includes a 24oz container perfect for this purpose. The containers are also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the machine or its parts.

The COSORI Blender is an excellent device for those who want a portable blender for their kitchen. It is easy to clean, durable, and can blend various items.

  • A versatile portable blender to have for blending.
  • It is certified to be safe and 100% BPA free.
  • Clean it easily with the cleaning brush provided.
  • Powerful but not quite smart
  • The weight should’ve been lesser.

Final Verdict

The COSORI Blender is useful and efficient. It has a powerful motor, and high-speed stainless steel blades provide a strong blend. It is very convenient because of its simple design, portability, and multi-purpose ability.

Nutri Ninja Personal Blender with 1000-Watt Auto-iQ Base

The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender is the best personal blender in the market. As an appliance designed to make healthy protein drinks, smoothies, juice and the like, I know the importance of having a powerful blender. After testing dozens of blenders over the past year, I finally landed on the Nutri Ninja Personal Blender. This blender is perfect for making healthy drinks and juices. It also works well for crushing ice and blending frozen fruit.

The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender is very easy to use. You twist the top to the desired level of speed, press a button and the blades begin to spin. It takes about 30 seconds for the blades to spin fully. Then, you pour your blended drink into your desired container. The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender is powerful enough to blend soft food and frozen fruit. However, if you want to use it to make smoothie bowls, you may need to get a second unit. The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender is too strong to use for smoothie bowls.

If you want to drink the juice right out of the blender, you should use a cup with a spout. The Nutri Ninja Personal Blender does not have one, but you can use the cups with it.

Another thing that I appreciate about this machine is how quiet it is. It doesn’t have a noisy motor. This helps keep it from disturbing people who are around.

I was also able to enjoy the Nutri Ninja Personal Blender while I was in the shower. Its powerful 1000-Watts motor allows me to keep the noise to a minimum. I also like that this is a manual-operated blender. It’s not a battery-operated one.

  • Perfect for making smoothies using any veggie or fruit.
  • You don’t usually get such a powerful motor at this price.
  • The important bowls and jars are provided alongside.
  • The operation is always too loud.
  • Jars and bowls could be bigger.

Final Verdict

For those who want to make nutritious drinks and smoothies, the Nutri Ninja Personal Blender is the best choice. With its powerful 1000-Watts motor, it can produce healthy beverages. The blades are powerful enough to chop frozen fruit, and the cups allow you to drink the juice right out of the blender. It has a sturdy design and is made to last. The quiet motor and the manual operation make it the ideal blender.


To begin with, let me clarify that these are not the only blenders that are available. Many other brands, models and designs are available in the market, and that’s why I’ve chosen the Hamilton Beach and the Ninja blender. These are the best because of their features and design. They are the most portable ones out there.

If you are looking for a good quality blender, I highly suggest you buy one from Hamilton Beach and the Ninja blenders. The main reason is that these are not only very good in price but also made of stainless steel. It’s made from the best material to avoid rusting.

Shopping Tips for Choosing the Best Portable Blenders

This post provides you with shopping tips for choosing the best portable blenders that are easy to use and great for making smoothies, juices, and more.

Quick & Easy Cleanup

When you are busy, you need a quick blender to make quick meals. It is always helpful to have a blender for those fast meals. However, choosing the right one can be quite difficult. In this article, I will share a few things to consider when buying a blender.

A lot of people choose blenders based on price. Blenders are available for prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than ten thousand dollars. If you want to save money, go for the cheaper models. But it would help if you ensured that the blender is high quality.

I recommend the models with a stainless steel bowl. This is because blenders are not designed for chopping foods. You need to blend the whole food into a smoothie-like consistency. Hence, the best blenders have a stainless steel bowl and powerful motor. So, you have to check out the engine, bowl, blades and other blender parts to see if they are made of quality and long-lasting material.

Once you have settled on a blender, you can move ahead and buy accessories. In most cases, blenders come with a cup and lid. The lid is used to cover the bowl during blending.

Easy One-Touch Blending

If you plan to buy the best portable blender, you must make sure that you know how to blend. It is because blending plays a key role in the creation of smoothies. Hence, you need to make sure that you know how to integrate. This helps to mix ingredients effectively and efficiently without making too much of a mess.

You must buy one with a capacity of 3 cups or more, and you can use it for a longer period. The bigger the capacity, the better, as the larger capacity allows you to blend larger quantities. Look for easy-to-use controls and controls that are convenient for your hands. This helps to make sure that you have an effective and hassle-free experience.

Crush ice

If you plan to buy a blender, you must ensure that it can grind ice effectively. If you want to buy a small blender to be carried around for grinding ice, then look for a compact model to make your task easy. The best portable blenders are the ones that can grind even large amounts of ice effectively without compromising on the quality of the food that gets produced.

This way, you can enjoy meals made using fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day without having to pay additional costs for expensive ice makers. In addition, you can even freeze the juice produced using these portable blenders for making smoothies or fruit juices.


We have come to the end of our buying guide now. There is no doubt that you have selected your favorite model after going through all the above points. Before making the final decision, you must know your budget. Also, you need to evaluate the specifications of each product to select the best blender.

If you are looking for a budget blender, it is better to use a less powerful machine. You can select the simplest device without compromising performance if your budget is limited.

To make the final decision, you can also check the quality and durability of the products to ensure they last for years. Most of the time, cheaper models do not offer much more than the more expensive ones.

You can look at each blender model’s features to make a well-informed decision. The price of a blender is usually calculated based on the number of features and other technical specs. The most expensive ones have features like water filtration, speed control and other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best portable blender bottle?

The best portable blender bottle is the Vitamix Pro 750. This is because it has an advanced digital control panel, a powerful motor, and wide-range speed and torque settings. Plus, it comes with a wide variety of accessories and parts.

Which portable blender is best for smoothies?

Portable blenders can vary from small to large. They can mix and blend food and drinks and even prepare soups, sauces, and smoothies. The most popular portable blenders come with a motor typically powered by a battery or an electric cord, and they have a base with a container for holding ingredients.

Which mini blender is best?

There are several brands of blenders out there, and they vary in price, quality, and performance. The best mini blender, by our recommendation, is the Vitamix. It has a powerful motor, a large capacity, and a wide range of accessories and attachments. Its high-quality design and user-friendly features are ideal for smoothies and food preparation.

Who makes the best personal blender?

The best blender is the NutriBullet. It has two blades, which chop fruits, vegetables, and grains, and the motor is powerful enough to blend them in seconds. This saves you the time and hassle of mixing it manually, and the result is always smooth and creamy.

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